Designer, Consultant and Researcher passionate about Design, Innovation and Digital Technology
Architecture & Innovation
Expanding design capabilities through research and practice


Manuel Muehlbauer is a designer, consultant and educator with a strong commitment to technological disruption of design processes. I am innovating design by introduction of technology into the creative design sequences that we use to push the boundaries of architectural design.

As a researcher I am fascinated about design, innovation and technology. My research focuses on exploring the potential of artificial intelligence, augmented reality and additive manufacturing as drivers for architectural design processes. These technologies allow to save material and energy, provide new means of communication and allow quick iterations of designs.

My architectural practice FutureImmersion is based in Melbourne, Australia, and is constantly extending the design options in high-end synergetic research projects and experimental multi-disciplinary workshops that focus on design through making with digital prototyping at its core. 

I am innovating design through technology, based on the development of design tools for the efficient creation of complex building designs.

In this field, I am extending design capacities during following activities:

Computational Design. Iterative development of buildings in multi-disciplinary design processes to provide faster product development and automation of repetitive tasks.

Digital Consultancy. Comprehensive application of multi-criteria optimisation for design conceptualisation and development applied in the architecture and construction industry.

Cutting-edge Research. Streamlining processes in architectual and engineering design through strategic evaluation of additional information generated throughout the interactive Multi-criteria Optimisation to drive decision making processes.

Smart Devices and Technology Solutions